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Daniel Lowe

Daniel Lowe - Personal Trainer

I’ve been in the fitness and personal training industry for 7 years. Training has always been a part of my life, even before I began doing it as a career. Going back to when I was a young boy, fitness has naturally been around my life … I thoroughly enjoyed being outdoors, doing sports and many different activities.

A little sad to talk about, but growing up in my early teens without a dad and being the youngest sibling, I always followed what my older brothers were doing! Football, basketball and many other activities which I always continued practicing on my own or with friends. As I grew into a young man, I came across new and exciting activities, one being the fitness life in the gym. I absolutely loved it and was always naturally driven towards it. As a kid growing up watching superhero movies, I always wanted to be a “superhero” for my family but especially my mum. So I used that to want to build the strength and POWER as much as I could … yes a little bit sad and dorky haha, but we all have our reasons!

Over the years I have been on and off in the gym as many other journeys began in my life which lead me to make some sacrifices and put my training on pause. The biggest life changer was becoming a father, a very special and beautiful moment which I’m sure all parents will understand. I didn’t train for quite some time – 2 years to be exact! I was doing little bits as and when I could, but I could see I was gaining a lot of weight. It was when I hit 99.6kg (the heaviest I’d ever been) that I said to myself: “I do not want to get to triple digits“! For someone of my build, that is way too much.

So I used this motivation and started making more time to be able to focus on myself. Five to seven days a week of healthy eating and training and I lost 14kg in 4 months! During that journey the routine and the lifestyle of fitness came into my life and I’ve never looked back. From that moment, I finally had a spark for training and knew my passion was in the fitness industry – leading me to become a personal trainer.

I knew that I would be able to help people accomplish the same things I did, with the information and knowledge I experienced myself that I learnt along the way. I can now share everything I know with the clients I have in the present and in the future too to ensure everyone gets the results they need!

My fitness journey continues to develop as I work alongside my brother at DMF Fitness Studios. I am continuously learning new skills, training methods and workouts to provide the best for every client that I work with.

Hope to hear you knocking on that door soon!