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Outdoor Group Exercise Classes

Welcome to DMF Fitcamp!

Newly launched in February 2023, DMF Fitcamp is an outdoor group exercise class that has one aim…to get as many people fit and healthy for a better quality of life!

We recognise that fitness is integral to a healthy lifestyle which is why we want you to enjoy our Fitcamp and have as much fun as possible during the process.

A part of that fun is building a friendly community of members that help and support each other during those days that feel like a struggle. We all have them, so let’s dig deep, push through them and get FIT together.

Our outdoor training programs are designed to make you the best version of yourself all-round. We never just focus on one area; we want you to be bulletproof fit in every aspect of fitness. DMF Fitcamp can help you achieve this with training that targets all areas of the body.

The goal is to get you cardio fit, strong, mobile, coordinated and powerful with so much stamina that you can tackle those every day, physical challenges of life with ease.

DMF Fitcamp Membership Options

Option 1 – 3 sessions per week – £45 per month (via DD)

Option 2 – 1 session per week – £26 per month (via DD)

Option 3 – couples’ membership: 3 sessions per week each – £80 per month (please note you must live at the same address)

Pay as you go – 4 sessions for £40 (6 week expiration date for all 4 sessions)

DMF Fitcamp FAQs

Will I be fit enough to join Fitcamp?
Answer: Definitely yes! Our classes are programmed to cater for people that are at an advanced level of fitness all the way through to someone that is just starting their fitness journey. We’re in it together and we pride ourselves on making sure everyone feels comfortable during the training sessions regardless of your fitness level. Yes, you will be pushed outside of your comfort zones, but it will be achieved in an enjoyable way together as a team.

How many people do you have in a class?
Answer: We have a maximum of 12 people per class so we can keep a close eye on every member to make sure you are receiving the best coaching possible.

How long are the Fitcamp outdoor sessions?
Answer: All sessions are 45 minutes.

What if I have any specific needs or injuries?
Answer: In most cases, if the instructor is notified at the beginning of the session of any limitations you may have, we can provide a safe and effective alternative option or modification of specific exercises during the class.

Is there parking?
Answer: Yes, we have a private secure car park right next to the workout area.

Do you run the classes throughout the winter period?
Answer: ABSOLUTELY! We run our sessions in whatever the weather – rain, snow or shine we’ll be there ready to get you fit!

What should I wear to Fitcamp?
Answer: Generally, any type of training gear will be fine. During the winter months we recommend wearing trainers that are good in muddy conditions, base layers for the colder sessions, gloves to keep those fingers nice and toasty and perhaps a rain jacket if we ever get caught in the rain!

How do I book a session?

Simply call or text 07746 897893.


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