DMF Fitness Studio



 “Darrell is a passionate and energetic trainer. He tries to mix things up every session so that your motivation is maintained and you don’t get bored, something I struggled with in the past.

He makes sessions fun, is accommodating to any injuries you may have and always finds a solution that means even if you have a slight injury you can still train.

Deep Mill Farm is also a great venue for the training.

I’ve been training with Darrell for over 3 years now and my body has significantly changed particularly in strength. Darrell will push you as hard as you are happy to go – I never feel as though I am being made to do anything that I am not comfortable with or happy to try.

He is patient and encouraging – and gets results. Overall a great trainer and I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

– Kerry O.


“I’ve trained with Darrell for five years in three types of session:
– Public groups
– Private groups
– One-to-one
His training has inspired me to push myself harder than I’d have done alone. I achieved a two-stone weight loss and a waist reduction from 38″ to 34″. I’m now enjoying mainly weight training with Darrell to increase my weight again, but this time with muscle, not fat!

The hour-long sessions pass too quickly, a sure sign that I enjoy them very much. As well as being an hour of challenging training, each session is also a chance to share some laughs and enjoy a very sociable hour. I wouldn’t have kept up my sessions for five years if I didn’t look forward to them. I’ve been known to travel back from as far away as Glasgow to make a session.

The variety of techniques that Darrell teaches is very impressive. He doesn’t let training become stale. He knows when I’m able to do one more run or one more lift, and he doesn’t let me get away without doing it.

I believe the purpose of a personal trainer is to encourage, push, simulate and drive clients to achieve their best, while ensuring they leave each session feeling happy and accomplished… and physically ‘broken’! Darrell hits the spot on all counts.

I’d recommend training with Darrell if you want to find out what you’re really capable of achieving. You’ll probably surprise yourself.”

– Holger


“Of all the training I do, Darrell’s PT sessions at DMF are the most rewarding.  The sessions are varied and interesting while challenging enough to keep me motivated.

My fitness and strength have improved significantly since I first started training with Darrell and I’ve seen positive changes to my body shape too.  The range of equipment at DMF is great and Darrell tailors my training so I get the most out of it.  I would recommend the studio to anyone and can’t speak highly enough of Darrell as a trainer”

– Lara


“When I first switched from ‘going to the gym’ to using Darrell as a personal trainer, it was a real eye opener.  I went from using a few of the machines at the gym in a random fashion, to having a structured approach to my workouts and using much more effective pieces of equipment with a trained professional aiding and pushing me to go that bit further.

I worked much harder and more effectively and in less time – and got a whole lot fitter. (its also a right laugh).

His knowledge of how to use equipment in a fun and innovative way make the sessions flyby. I found one of Darrell’s many talents is the ability to change an exercise around to avoid an injured knee or a twinge while still managing to work out the rest of my body.

if anyone is looking to use time effectively to get fit – Call Darrell, you won’t be disappointed.”

– Peter H.



“I have been training with Darrell now for five years. I have kept going to his classes and training sessions because his passion for training always translates into challenging and fun workouts. He is continually changing things up and pushing you forwards. Since training with Darrell, I have achieved fitness goals I would never have thought possible and, even after five years, I look forward to training sessions and the new levels of fitness and strength I might achieve.”

– Ellie D.


“I have been training with Darrell for four years and the thing I love most about my sessions, is they are tailor made to help me reach my goals, but never quite what I’m expecting. I am challenged and stretched to make sure I’m always improving.
Darrell has a passion for training that always comes through in my sessions and it helps me to try to do my best.

I had an operation on my knee two years ago and had to stop running. He planned my training to work around my limitations and to strengthen the supporting muscles until I was strong enough to resume most activities.

I’ve learnt its not about trying to be stronger or faster than someone else but to always work to my limit.

I’m constantly surprised at the exercises he comes up with, I’ve tried saying I cant do that, but some how we get there anyway.
From dead-lifts and barbell squats to olympic rings and boxing, I love it all and that’s why I keep coming back!”

– Karen


“I have been training for nearly 2 years with Darrell and I cannot recommend him highly enough! I quickly benefited from his sessions, seeing an increase in strength, definition, overall fitness and visibly lost weight, all of which I had been unable to achieve on my own in the gym.
I thoroughly enjoy training with Darrell, our sessions are focused, fun and varied, he places a high value on correct form with each exercise and motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results.
With a wealth of knowledge, skill and expertise, he makes you feel 100% comfortable, he is professional, dedicated and passionate about what he does.
Whatever your goals, if you were thinking of enlisting the help of a personal trainer, you could not find one better than Darrell!
Here’s to many more PT sessions!”
– Peta J